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Why Health Check your Business?

We’re approaching a key milestone for YabbleHub. Next month, it’s a year since we launched our Higher Education consultancy business and went live with our website.

Over the last year, our work with clients in the HE sector has highlighted both the need and importance of regular strategic business reviews undertaken by independent experts. There are many events which could instigate a review including:

  • Following changes to the service provider team

  • After a business acquisition or merger

  • In preparation for a contract hand back or at a key contractual milestone

  • To provide assurance that contractual and statutory obligations are being met

Over the last few months, we have developed a Business Health Check. Simply put, this is a three phase approach we follow to undertake a strategic review of your business focussing on your key objectives. The output is a series of practical recommendations for you to consider and we can also offer support in implementing these recommendations, and monitoring them on an ongoing basis.

For more information and to discuss how we can help your business, please contact Beth, Sam or Julian direct.

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