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Restore, recharge, restart

Launching a new business at any time can be both exciting and challenging. Launching during a global pandemic and at the start of a recession adds a different dimension; some may say its poor planning, others its just plain stupid.

A year ago, I left permanent full-time employment, planning to take some time out to recharge my batteries and think about what I wanted to do next. At that stage, my only parameter was no longer wanting to be tied to a corporate where I couldn’t determine and then live the vision, values and culture of the organisation.

Having downtime is proven to improve your physical and mental wellbeing and I so benefitted from it. Lots of exercise, fresh air, overseas and U.K. holidays, Pilates, a re-kindled interest in cooking, reading, a wine course, binge watching The was fab!

After a few months, much less time than I had anticipated, and having watched all three series of The Crown, I was keen to get my teeth and brain stuck into something new.

Three is a proven lucky number, as two trusted and respected ex-colleagues, Sam and Julian were also ready for a new challenge, something very different from our previous shared corporate experience.

The three of us came together with the same fundamental values of integrity, trust and accountability. This foundation of shared beliefs, a desire to steer our own course and work collaboratively to make a positive difference to those organisations we hoped to support, was complemented by our varied range of skills and experience. These include corporate governance, finance, relationship management, facilities management and marketing. Whilst we have a few letters after our names to evidence our competence, we felt it was our past shared experiences in the higher education sector that could add real value to organisations working in the residential student accommodation arena. We have never been afraid of rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in to deliver the best possible experience for our clients and resident students.

Fast forward a few months, a slightly improved competence in hosting virtual meetings, and YabbleHub was born.

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